Treering Helps K-12 Schools Raise $1.6 Million During Pandemic

When COVID-19 canceled traditional opportunities in education, yearbook fundraising benefited students and schools.

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Treering, a technology company that offers high-quality yearbooks at affordable prices, today announced K-12 customer schools across the United States raised $1.6 million with their yearbook fundraising during the 2020-21 school year. The amount surpassed last year by more than $15,000. During a time when traditional fundraising efforts, like walk-a-thons and bake sales, were canceled due to the ongoing pandemic, thousands of schools and yearbook advisers turned to the Treering team to implement a non-traditional but impactful fundraiser.

“Teachers and students globally have endured considerable stress with all of the changes due to the pandemic, and it’s been a privilege to be a helping hand for customer schools across the country in raising additional funds for supplies and extracurricular activities,” said Kevin Zerber, CEO & co-founder at Treering. “Since our inception, we’ve been able to help almost 10,000 schools raise a total of $8.5 million. It’s especially important for us to share resources with schools that are aimed to help them financially – from flexibility in process to fundraising that fits their needs.”

In addition to other cost- and time-saving benefits Treering provides school, it also offers three impactful fundraising opportunities, including:

  • Yearbook fundraising made simple: With Treering’s yearbooks being fairly priced from the start, school leaders don’t have to feel guilty about adding an extra fundraising fee to the cost.
  • Recognition ad feature: Recognition ads are a great way to recognize students and teachers in every yearbook and create an additional fundraiser for the school.
  • Targeting the right businesses: By tapping into the teachers’ and parents’ connections with local businesses, building out a list of prospective advertisers becomes much easier. Most often, local businesses want to support the community and the school and view the ad as a good business opportunity.

It’s easy for schools to accumulate debt with traditional yearbook companies due to the fact that they often insist on minimum order quantities and impose extra fees, leaving schools with leftover yearbooks that are never purchased. With Treering, the company operates at a zero cost to schools, only printing books parents decide to purchase. The affordability, fundraising options, and sustainability initiatives – for every yearbook sold, a tree is planted – Treering is an option for schools that not only want to preserve memories for students, but save money.

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About Treering
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