Kleinspiration Blog: Personalize your own Yearbook with Treering

Have you ever noticed that school yearbooks only have about 2 photos of your child? Recently, I’ve discovered a company that is trying to change that and personalize yearbooks. It’s called www.Treering.com, and it allows the yearbook team to create a bulk of the yearbook online, and each student or parent creates their own personalized pages with photos and memories from the past year. Upon completion, parents purchase the yearbook and hard copies are delivered to the school to keep up with the school spirit.
Because families create and order their yearbooks directly online through Treering, schools no longer have to pre-purchase and resell yearbooks, an antiquated and wasteful practice that regularly leaves schools with unsold books and lots of wasted money. Treering’s innovative automated process eliminates the financial burden on schools to pay upfront fees for conventional yearbooks. Treering even plants a tree in honor of each yearbook sold.
Like the growth rings of a tree, each memory in a Treering yearbook is marked in a student’s personalized copy. The memories, accomplishments and activities of each student’s life are capture and preserved, so that years from now they’ll look back at their Treering yearbook and remember all of their great times they had each school year.  READ MORE